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Level 2 anatomy & physiology for therapists

for therapists | taught by Louise Searles

Course description

Whether you are currently studying to become a beauty therapist or looking to refresh you understanding of the body, this course provides you with the essential information you need. This course matches the syllabus for the regulated City & Guilds and VTCT, VRQ beauty therapy qualification.

There are 8 topics in this course covering the following:

Topic 1: Cells and tissues

Topic 2: Skin

  • Session 1: Epidermis
  • Session 2: Dermis
  • Session 3: Diseases and disorders

Topic 3:Nails

  • Session 1: Function and structure
  • Session 2: Nail growth, shapes and disorders

Topic 4: Hair

  • Session 1: Structure, function and composition
  • Session 2: Growth cycle

Topic 5: Cardiovascular system

  • Session 1: Structure and function
  • Session 2: Functions and composition of blood
  • Session 3: Primary vessels of head & torso
  • Session 4: Primary vessels of the upper and lower limbs

Topic 6: Lymphatic system

  • Session 1: Structure, function and location of nodes of the lymphatic system

Topic 7: Skeletal system

  • Session 1: Structure and function of the skeletal system
  • Session 2: Bones of the head and torso
  • Session 3: Bones of the upper and lower limbs

Topic 7: Muscular system

  • Session 1: Structure and function of the muscular system.
  • Session 2: Location and action of muscles of the head, face and torso.
  • Session 3: Location and action of muscles of the upper and lower limbs.

Each session will begin with a brief introduction to the session, mapping out the learning goals, key concepts, and activities to be covered. Each session will include a number of components.

Videos covering the knowledge required. You can download these and watch them off line.

Activities, further reading and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Louise Searles
Louise Searles

I completed a 3 year Hair, Beauty & Wigmaking course at Havering College in 1984, working as a hairdresser and therapist in hotels, salons and spas in Romford, Cornwall and Reading, until 1988 when I established my first business within a hairdressing salon in Chelmsford. After a year I enrolled on a teacher training course and returned to Havering College in a sessional post, becoming a full time lecturer in 1992. I was introduced to City & Guilds by my head of department and quickly became an examiner and involved in the development and introduction of NVQs.  I was fortunate to be chosen to become one of the first  external verifiers and held the post of Hair & Beauty Regional Lead Verifier for London & South East for several years. I loved this role, however gave it up in 2001 when I left Havering College to set up my own training centre. The training organisation has changed greatly over the past fifteen years to meet the demands of learners and the industry. I have maintained a semi-active role as a consultant with City & Guilds working on a variety of product developments, in particular with the assessment team. 

Having delivered funded provision for the majority of the business’ life, the organisation has taken a change in direction: I now offers City & Guilds qualifications to mature private learners who are helped to create their own flexible learning plan incorporating the units they would like to study. I also helps those who have already undergone non regulated qualification training, to achieve formal qualifications by working on an individual basis to ‘fill in the gaps’ to support this she has contacts around the UK and has developed online training resources.

My main focus is enhancing the quality of the learner’s journey, whilst meeting the industry’s needs and expectations to create quality provision.

PS: If you have any questions just give me a shout at

Course Curriculum

SKIN - Introduction
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